Nichole Call

Silks Instructor

About Nichole

Nichole started her aerial journey as a fun way to expand her workout regiment, but found that the sense of community and camaraderie kept her coming back and she quickly became obsessed. While this skill didn’t come easy to her, she never let those challenges hold her back, which is what Nichole loves most about teaching aerial with C2Air. Showing other students that regardless of their fitness level, with the right mindset, they can also do this. And then watching them grow stronger and more confident with every class.

Nichole teaches both Beginner and Mixed level silks classes. A majority of her instructor training has been under the guidance of C2Air Aerial Director, Rebecca. In 2017 she attended Born to Fly teaching training with Paper Doll Militia and will continue on that training track through the coming years. Nichole also enjoys continuing her education in silks, as well as movement of the human body, through training workshops and seminars. She recently represented C2Air at Titans of Pole, a local aerial competition, where she received 1st place across all aerial silks divisions.