Lindsay Wagner

Silks Instructor

About Lindsay

Lindsay has always been a very shy person who was often hesitant to step outside of her comfort zone. She found herself in her first silks class after being mesmerized by aerialists she had seen in a handful of shows, thinking she had to try it! She gained the courage to sign up for a class and has never looked back. She was instantly hooked and found herself always looking forward to when she would be back in the air again. Lindsay had tried lots of different workouts in the past but nothing built her strength as quickly as aerial silks has, nor were they ever as fun. After a couple months of training, she convinced her husband, Joey, to try it out. He began taking classes and they soon started working on partnering skills and building routines together. The two of them now teach partnering workshops with C2Air.

All of Lindsay’s training has been done with C2Air as well as occasional workshops with guest aerialists. She loves being an instructor with C2Air because it is an uplifting, supportive community that helped her find her own confidence. She hopes to inspire students and assist them on their individual journeys, whether they have dreams of performing or simply fitting a fun workout into their week. Lindsay believes anyone looking at trying an aerial silks class should just do it. There is nothing to lose but so much to gain. She can’t imagine her life without aerial silks or C2Air.