Within each silk level, all moves are tailored to the strength and capability of individual students, so they may progress at their own pace within the class they are taking. Our program works with all levels of fitness.

Silks Intro

This class is required before moving onto more advanced silks classes. Successful completion of this class and instructor approval are required before moving from Silks Intro to Beginner Silks, so it can be taken multiple times. Students learn the fundamentals of climbing, wrist locks, foot locks, and basic inversions to prepare students for the beginner silks session.

Open Hang

Prerequisite: Beginner silks and instructor approval.

This class is for silks students who wish to practice skills and tricks they’ve learned in class. An instructor is present to spot or give tips, but no new skills are taught in this class. Students must be able to work safely and independently and are not permitted to instruct other students.

Beginner Silks

Prerequisite: Silks intro and instructor approval.

In Beginner Silks, students strengthen basics learned in the Silks Intro class while learning basic poses, inversions, tricks, and sequences. Students develop muscle strength while exercising proper technique and learn basic aerial art vocabulary. Even if students have previous silks experience, we ensure they are learning new skills during this session.


The “lyra”, a hoop suspended from the ceiling, is designed to showcase grace, style, strength and control, as well as balance and flexibility. Students learn proper engagement and technique, elementary mounts, basic positions, spinning, and floorwork, followed by conditioning exercises. The format of these workshops is for groups of four to six, allowing for significant individual attention.

Mixed Level Silks

Prerequisite: Beginner silks and instructor approval.

This class is intended for students who have mastered basic skills and are working on progressions. We work at a faster pace than in Beginner Silks and teach a wider range of tricks. Mixed Level Silks incorporates momentum, strength, and technique for learning more complicated wraps, drops, and choreography.


Static trapeze is a bar hung from ropes. Students learn the basics of beats, hanging by their knees, sitting and standing on the bar, in addition to various poses and sequences. Students learn to use the bar and ropes to invert, pose, balance, and move from different positions with grace and ease while gaining strength and control. This is a great introductory class for anyone wanting to try aerials; no experience necessary.

Kids Silks

Kids Silks is designed for youth ages 17 and under. No prerequisites are needed to attend the Kids class. Students will learn basic poses, inversions, tricks, and sequences, while learning to follow important safety instructions.

Private Lessons