C2Air Coming to Phoenix Elite

Open Houses

Saturday, May 4th & Saturday, May 25th

Come learn about our aerial silks program, meet the instructors, learn tricks on the silks, and watch live demos every half hour.

This is a FREE event. No need to sign up, come and go as you please. Bring a friend! All ages welcome.

What to wear?
Stretchy athletic wear, or form-fitting clothes, that will cover your legs, torso, and arms, to prevent burns from the apparatus. You will need to be barefoot. Jewelry, zippers, watches, belts, and anything metal that could catch on the silks fabric is prohibited and you will be asked to remove them.

Phoenix Elite
14807 Willard Rd.
Chantilly, VA 20151

Classes Start in June

Intro Silks - 6:00PM
Beginner Silks - 6:45PM

Intro Silks - 12:00PM
Beginner Silks - 12:45PM

Attending the open house events does not replace the Intro Silks class as we will cover many more skills that are essential to the Beginner Silks Level. Read more about our class offerings.